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A digital outsourcing studio specialized in the games and entertainment industries. We provides high quality game art and animation for our clients. 
“Do one thing every day that scares you.”  

 ​― Eleanor Roosevelt ―
We are much more than a digital developer agency. Our artists become a part of your team. Every member of our team has been trained to the highest levels by the best talent in the world. This is why we are so different; from our vivid imagination to fulfilling a client brief, we always go the extra mile to surpass your expectations.

Frogtale Studio offers:

  • Proven standard operating environment.
  • A strong and experienced management team.
  • Client intellectual property protection.
  • State-of-the-art security facility.
  • Collaborative tools.
  • Artist driven solutions.
  • Significant experience in game engine.
  • Project managers fluent in English, Chinese, Japanese and Malay.
  • Delivery by milestone.
  • Genuine software.


We focus in developing unique and fresh idea, rich content and high quality products through team work in all the services provided to our client to bring the market user experience to a brand new level.
We DO NOT make any assumptions. We request references, specifications and quality bar to ensure we understand the requirements. We will customize a checklist base on the project send daily progress to the client for feedback if any.
Our outsourcing manager always have swift response and progress meeting that match our client’s time zone.

Sunshine Game Art Outsourcing ​​

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We have built our reputation working with clients worldwide.
We work with the biggest names in the industry, including  Konami, Codemaster and CI Games.

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  1. Ben Shields (Australia) Lead Artist
    I found them communicative and willing to accommodate any feedback and requested changes. I would highly recommend them to anyone else.”
  2. Ian Palmer (UK campus) Art Director
    The quality of work was excellent and we were very pleased with the final results when we got them in our game engine. I would certainly recommend Frogtale and look forward to working with them again in the future.”
  3. Katarzyna Szymczak-Skalska (Poland) Outsourcing Manager
    Their work was managed very well and they kept us informed with the use of centralized are where we could provide all information and feedback, helped us maintain good communication and speed up the pace of work.
  1. Our Process

    "If you’re looking for a proven external outsourcing team for your upcoming project, then Sunrise Animation Studios is the right partner for you! ”
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Read and understand the FAQs, sit back, relax and give the problem some thought before approaching us.