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Available Q1 2017

Genre: 3D Animated Adventure Comedy TV Series
Format: 13 x 20 min (available Q1 2017)
Target Audience: 6 – 9 years old

In the enchanting Kingdom of FooDoo, the people live a peaceful life. Everything changes when an evil villian, SLEEZ using its powers to create havoc and split the Kingdom in two: Foo and Doo. Sam McHamm who accidentally transported into FooDoo and teams up with his new friends, Buddy, Picky, and Stinky and they embark on an adventure to save the kingdom from the Sleez and his minions. Sleez ultimate plan is claiming the kingdom and bring everyone under his rule.
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Project Vertices is a third person action tower defense game, with its mix of tower defenses and third person action.


Players can choose from the main Hero or his alias creature classes, each with their own vertices defenses power and pets. They need to defend cruel cyborg that rules the world. You need to setup an automated building static defense at the same times players can be part of the defense and fight with the help of vertices.
This game is a cloud-based game that focused on high-end portable device game market. Player can go for story mode or Co-Op (Cooperative gamplay) player will have a chance to challenge the other player.  The business model is in "Free-mium" basis player can buy and upgrade various vertices power, pets, characters, accessories, and anger.



Bobby is accidentaly transported to the ancient world. In order to go back to his own world, he has to protect the Monk and find the sacred scriptures with the help of the disciples. He has to fight all the enemies and defeat the disciples to prove his fighting skills and gain their trust. So, Bobby starts his journey through the ancient world on the quest of finding the sacred scriptures to return home.


Bobby to the West is a tower defese game where players must go through several waves of enemies. The mission for each wave is to defeat the enemies and find his way back home from the sacred Scripture. Only by defeating the set number of enemies and the final Boss of the enemies will the stage be cleared. So, it is a matter of wisely knowing when to attack and defend to retreat and regroup, that will spell the difference between victory and defeat. After defeating the final enemy, it can be used as the disciple to summon and fight for the player.